October 21st, 1861

July 31, 2007

    I had proposed to Mr. Douglas to go with me to Syracuse, which he did.  We met Hamilton White and Prof. White and his brother.  I made out statement and exhibit.  Mr. Douglas threw in suggestions.  Prof. White said it had been his father’s idea that the estate should pay off indebtedness by its income.  Mr. Douglas explained that as they were to pay the income of the $15,000 quarterly to the College there would be no advantage in retaining their security, and some risk which by surrendering they would avoid.  They wanted time to consider and we agreed to meet them at noon.

When we met the executors again Prof. White said they had agreed to our proposition.  He said that though the will did not require it he supposed the wishes of the family might be regarded in the appointment.  Said his father’s idea was to have some person of high character appointed, &c.  He (Prof. White) had been afraid we might appoint some young graduate.  I said we should not appoint without consulting him, and that our idea would be to appoint a capable man.


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