November 14th, 1861

August 28, 2007

My class debated before me – Should England avoid interfering in our present troubles?  Graves spoke fifty-five minutes; rose spoke long and well.


November 11th, 1861

August 28, 2007

Hear juniors in Paley.

November 9th, 1861

August 21, 2007

Call on George Kippin about his subscription of $100 to the College.  He gave me an order on Mr. J. Fellows for it.

November 4th, 1861

August 13, 2007

Busy writing reports for the Board of Trustees. We met at three, but no quorum was present.  Adjourned till to-morrow; but Mr. Ayrault arriving, we made out a quorum and had a long session – adopt statute for Ayrault scholarships, institute White Professorship, adopt statutes for Chaplaincy.  Keen passages with Mr. Douglas.

November 1st, 1861

August 7, 2007

All Saints’. We for a year past and more have on the Saints’ days the ante-communion of the day, and at the close of the Gospel the Gloria in Excelsis;  then the Nicene Creed followed by Collects and the Greater or Lesser Benediction.  Made preparation for the meeting of the Board on Monday.  Deliver up a batch of notes to Mr. Hurd and take his receipt.

October 30th, 1861

August 2, 2007

Go to Canandaigua to see Mr. Smith and Mr. Ayrault.  Both absent.

October 26th, 1861

August 2, 2007

Lecture to seniors on English language.  Busy with statement of facts for the Court.

October 25th, 1861

August 2, 2007

Find that the seniors have not got books – Whately’s Rhetoric; so I spend time of Rhetoric in summing up the debate of Poetry as influenced by the progress of arts and sciences, speaking three quarters of an hour.
Spend my leisure time today in preparing statement for Supreme Court.

October 24th, 1861

August 1, 2007

I found Dr. Towler gave in to the class – passed over the problems to new matter, and so caved in and dishonored the decision of the Faculty.  I feel mortified and disappointed by it.  Wilson, Wheeler and Bates feel the same. I have not seen Metcalf.  Senior class finished Butler with me to-day, second part.  We begin Whately’s Rhetoric to-morrow.