February 22nd, 1862

September 25, 2007

Holiday. The Bishop has a cold and desired me to make his apology to the President of the Trustees of the Village for not being at the celebration of Washington’s Birthday held in Linden Hall in accordance with the proclamation of the President of the United States.
Celebration of the day by our students came off in the evening. I presided. We had

First, Music.
Second, Prayer.
Third, Farewell Address read by L. P. Eddy.
Fourth, Poem by B. W. Woodward.
Fifth, Oration, G. R. Graves.
Sixth, Benediction.

Everything passed of well,- hall well filled with an attentive and highly respectable audience. There seemed to be no noise or disturbance about the College.


One Response to “February 22nd, 1862”

  1. Scott Russell Says:

    My great-great grandfather was B.W. Woodward, who authored and delivered the poem mentioned in the journal this day. I have one copy of the original bound 14p. booklet. Curious if any have survived in your archive. I have transcibed the poem digitally and can make that available to you if interested. The text on the cover is as follows:

    Our country
    a poem read before the students of Hobart College and the citizens of Geneva …
    Feb. 22, 1862

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