April 12th, 1862

September 28, 2007

The Committee on vacations, terms, &c. (the Bishop, Mr. Douglas and myself) concluded to place the spring vacation so late that the Holy Week and Easter would always fall in term time. Our object was to have the students under the influence of our religious system through the whole of Lent and not turn them loose at its most solemn and interesting crisis. If we sent our students away from our influence at both of the most solemn and impressive seasons of the Christian year (Christmas and Easter) we lost a chief means of sending home our teachings and making our training exert its full effect. Usage rendered it very difficult for us to refuse a holiday at Christmas. We therefore determined to keep them till after Easter and make the most of Passion Week. This is the first year that the new system has gone into operation. The Trustees directed that one of the morning recitations be replaced by the Service, &c. I felt anxious to have the thing start well. Dr. Wilson agreed to take his part, but has rheumatism and will not be able to do so. I do not think he has any sympathy with it. He strongly objected to it when first announced. When I, after I first came here, proposed to keep the students here through Passion Week and give them instruction suitable to the season during a part of that time, and for the rest keep on with their studies, he told me that the Church sentiment of Western New York would not tolerate such a thing. I replied that it was tolerated where the Church sentiment was quite as enlightened as in Western New York. When the new arrangement adopted by the Trustees was announced by me to the Faculty every member expressed himself strongly opposed to it; but Mr. Metcalf has since expressed himself in a friendly way towards it and entered into it cordially.
We have arranged to have the Morning Service next week as it is now; and at eleven o’clock (in place of the recitation) the Ante-Communion Service with lecture, and on Good Friday two full services, as on Sunday. We require Churchmen only to attend at eleven o’clock.


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