January 23rd, 1866

February 12, 2008

After Chapel prepare a report for the meeting of our Board to-day. Meeting at ten in the Medical College library. Mr. Chedell came over. We had a harmonious and pleasant meeting, and passed on the usual business. Elected Prof. A.D. White in place of Hamilton White, deceased. We regretted Bishop Coxe’s absence from the meeting. He was obliged to go to Pittsburgh to preach the sermon of the consecration of Dr. Kerfoot. In the evening attend the Medical Commencement at Linden Hall – the first time it has been there. Two theses were read. One by Charles C. Eastman, and the valedictory to the class was by Prof. Allen, which was very sensible and good. The Castleton Cornet Band gave music at the call of Dr. Towler, who, by his mode of calling on them, created great merriment. This should be reformed another time. I conferred twelve degrees in course-two honorary, and one honorary A.M. The thing passed off well, though I could scarcely see in the audience a person belonging to good society to Geneva. The stage was well furnished with neighboring doctors; five of our trustees were present and most of our Academic Faculty. The object of having the Commencement in Linden Hall was to bring the College into notice. They have had a class larger than usual this term.


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