April 4th, 1866

February 15, 2008

Work on the memorial nearly every day. After Morning Prayers I had a talk with Mr. Williams about bowing at the name of Jesus. He has gradually increased the frequency of this until of late he has bowed at this sacred name, whenever it occurred in the service, lessons or sermon. I took the ground that it was unusual in the American Church and unknown in this Diocese; that he could not go into any parish in the Diocese where it would not hurt his position as rector; that here in College young men would naturally think that was the best way, and when they went to a seminary they would carry it there and introduce diversity and confusion, and finally when they went to their first parishes they would carry the practice there and would greatly impair their usefulness in communities interpenetrated by extreme Protestant ideas, as all ours are; that I thought that even in College itself it impaired his influence and usefulness, and finally, that I felt pretty sure the Bishop would not approve of it. He said he did not admit the Bishop’s right to interfere in such a matter; that he had a right to his individualism in this matter; that, however, as he and I must work together, he would do what I thought best, though it would cost him quite a sacrifice of feeling. He said he was very anxious to introduce the practice, &c. he did not wish the matter brought to the attention of the Bishop, not even to talk it over informally. He felt sure he would not get on so well with the Bishop as with me.  So I agreed that he should bow in the Creed, the Gloria in Excelsis and the Epistle, where it is said that “At the name of Jesus every knee” &c. I also said that if it got abroad that he bowed as he did habitually, it would create a prejudice in many minds against the College. Mr. Williams behaved very kindly and sweetly towards me in the matter.



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