April 19th, 1866

February 19, 2008

Called to see Mr. Mallory about a sidewalk ordered in front of the College, of brick, which would cost us over four hundred dollars. Want to see if it can’t be prevented. Mr. Mallory is President of the Trustees of the village [sic]. Go out to the Maxwell nurseries and order trees to ornament College grounds.

There was quite an imbroglio about the junior class’ examination in optics with Dr. Towler. The Doctor marked them so low that Blackwell and Bissell, two of the best speakers in the class, were conditioned and could not speak. I finally went to Dr. Towler and asked him to put the whole class up five-tenths, which would obviate the difficulty, and he agreed to do it. Russell felt badly about it, and Blackwell was feeling terribly.


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