June 4th, 1866

February 21, 2008

At ten o’clock Bishop Coxe began his lectures on English Literature before the whole College and some fifteen ladies. It was introductory, very interesting to the student, and to all. Mostly written, but many sparkling extemporary passages. Special meeting of our Board of Trustees at four. We considered the matter of resuming the charging of tuition – Trinity Church, New York, having, in answer to our petition, released us from the condition not to charge, imposed on us when she granted the annuity of three thousand dollars. We resolved to begin to charge, as other colleges do.

I have steadily looked forward to this change ever since I came here eight years ago, and now thank God it is accomplished. I believe it will put the College in its true position – make it respectable, and take away a reproach from it.

I was appointed a committee to make the proper announcements to the public.

We also considered the matter of Prof. Russell’s resignation , and appointed a committee to receive it, and appoint someone in his place; also to consider and report as to the details of a plan for giving efficacy to his department.


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