January 25th, 1867

March 6, 2008

Bishop Neely’s consecration at Trinity Chapel, New York. Bishop Potter preached the sermon, and defined the position of our Church as a “mean between two extremes”, and his own position in the Diocese towards High and Low. It will create a sensation.  He said in substance that during his whole Episcopate of twelve years, he had been trying by justice, kindness, courtesy and generosity, once indulged had faded away in the light of experience. Dr. Dix took the Chair when the Bishops and clergy returned from the service, and moved that Bishop Potter’s sermon be published. All who spoke said “aye”.

Dr. Alexander Burgess surprised me by telling me that my name had been frequently spoken of in connection with the Episcopate of Maine during the recent vacancy, and that at the Convention which elected Dr. Neely, after it appeared that neither Mr. Doane nor himself (Dr. B) could be elected, the clergy had an informal ballot, when it was found that all, except one, were willing to vote for me. I had never heard that my name had been mentioned in this connection, so it was a total surprise to me, and I thank God that nothing came of it. I think the office of Bishop very undesirable in itself, and nothing but an overpowering sense of duty would ever constrain my to accept. They have got a better man for the office, by far, in Bishop Neely, and I shall hope for the best results from his Episcopate.


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