January 9th, 1867

March 6, 2008


Talked with Bishop Coxe for half an hour about the division of the Diocese, and his views of it. Dr. Shelton had said that he was indifferent to it. But he said he was earnest for it, and would prefer to take a parish for support rather than not have it take place. At ten I met with the Committee on the Division in Dr. Shelton’s study, twelve being present. Reports were made by the several gentlemen of the state of feeling on the subject in their several districts, by letters read and by oral statement. Then a full discussion took place. Judge Denio opposed it in a well-concerned speech. Dr. Shelton showed himself opposed at the beginning. After full discussion, it was unanimously resolved to recommend the division of the Diocese into two equal parts. It was a very gratifying discussion. The best temper and spirit prevailed. Our deliberations occupied most of the day, and were renewed for a brief space at Bishop Coxe’s, where we went by invitation in the evening, and where the Bishop joined us. But only the question of the division line, -whether Schuyler County, in which the new female seminary at Havana was to be developed, should go with the eastern or western point, because I conceived it probable that he had personally entered in engagements with Mr. E. W. Cook (heir of Charles Cook) who had given to him, as Bishop, the buildings of the People’s College, which would make it desirable that Schuyler County should be in Bishop Coxe’s Diocese; and so it proved, and the eastern gentlemen yielded the point; and Schuyler County was placed in the Western Diocese of the two proposed to be created – where it is presumed, though not known, that Bishop Coxe will continue to reside.

I was permitted to take a prominent part in the deliberations of the day, and Judge Denio moved that I be Chairman of the Sub-Committee to draw up a report which this Committee should report to the next Convention- saying to me privately that I was more competent to represent the views of the Committee, than any other member. This was certainly a compliment, coming from Judge Denio.

I got but little opportunity to talk with Bishop Coxe, who said he wanted to talk with me a whole week about matters pressing on his mind.


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