March 4th, 1867

March 11, 2008

I felt a secret hope and desire that I might never hear more of the Trinity College matter. But I found in the office a letter from Bishop Williams, urging the matter on me, explaining at length why I was not elected when he retired, and when Goodwin retired, &c; saying that he himself always desired it. He does not wish the College to be refused again, but if I will consent to entertain the question, he will secure my unanimous election in two weeks’ time. The Trustees and Faculty would be equally unanimous. He would count it one of the most joyful circumstances of his Episcopate if he could see me at the head of the College. This is certainly bringing matters to a focus. It oppresses me with anxiety to know what I ought to do, and, if possibly, the decision should be to leave Geneva – then with many pangs of grief at the separation from the College and dear friends here. May God direct me aright.

            I wrote Bishop Williams a full letter, stating my willingness now to consider this question, though a year ago I was not willing even to think of it; that the work at Hartford had many attractions for me, and that there were some circumstances here, e.g. Bishop Coxe’s female school plan, which would interfere with the immediate enlargement of Hobart College by increasing the endowment, and cause things to go on for some time necessarily much as they are now. I was, therefore, for this and other reasons, willing to consider this question, if properly brought before me. I agreed with Bishop Williams that another election ought not to take place on an uncertainty, and therefore said if he would inform me about the finances of the College, the President’s house, whether the College would share the expense of moving with me, and allow me two or three months’ absence for a tour in Europe within a year or two, if I should give up my plan of going now for the sake of Trinity College; I would then consider the whole matter, and tell plainly whether I would accept if elected.


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