September 13th, 1861

July 26, 2007

Called on Mr. Douglas and showed him a letter from Mr. Cone saying that the executors of Mr. Ayrault were now ready to pay over the $10,000 subscription.  Mr. Douglas spoke of beginning the Chapel in the spring.


February 8, 1861

April 2, 2007

Called on Mr. Douglas and saw the plans for the new Chapel. Payne, who was with me, thought it beautiful and unique. We called on Bishop DeLancey. He says yesterday (the day of Mr. Ayrault’s funeral) was the most tempestuous day he has seen in New York in twenty years – thermometer thirteen degrees below zero.

Write to Mr. Swift about Mr. Ayrault’s will.

January 1, 1861

April 2, 2007

Mr. Douglas came in the evening and showed us the drawings for the College Chapel. The perspective, which I had not seen, is beautiful. I was delighted with it.

March 17, 1860

December 13, 2006

Look over grounds again with Mr. Upjohn and Mr. Douglas. Go down on the shore of the lake. Measure back to see how far the buildings ought to stand for proper effect – say 100 or 125 feet. His plan is this. We have 650 feet front; allow 200 at each side for professors’ houses – then fall back 125 feet and erect a building 250 feet long, Gothic and collegiate- and at one end (north) let the chapel come forward 700 feet, with chancel to the east, and at the south end let the library come forward in the same way and grade back so as to rise six inches in ten feet. Such is his plan. Leave the present buildings as they are and build the Chapel in its place and so also the library.

March 15, 1860

December 13, 2006

Mr. Upjohn came this evening and we took a look at the grounds. Vail and Warner took tea with us. After tea I went to Mr. Douglas’ and spent the evening there with Mr. Upjohn, who was busy sketching out a plan for our future building.

March 8, 1860

December 13, 2006

Take a proof of what in my pamphlet relates to the Chapel, Chapel service and the Chaplain to Mr. Douglas and let him read it to see how it would strike him and what suggestion he would make. He seemed to like it very much. He said he had proposed to Mr. Upjohn, the architect, eight thousand dollars as the sum which he was willing to spend in building the College Chapel, and Mr. Upjohn thought that ample to build one which would seat two hundred.

March 6, 1860

December 12, 2006

To-day Mr. Douglas called to say that he wished me not to be out of town next week, as he had engaged Mr. Upjohn to come up and see about a plan for planting our ground, and also for the chapel- its site, &c. This looks like reality; May God speed and prosper this design.