The End

March 13, 2008

The complete Journal of Abner Jackson, as we have it, is now available on the blog.


May 9th, 1867

March 13, 2008

Delivered an address at DeVeaux College.

November 20th, 1866

March 4, 2008

Look over journal of 1862. Spend considerable time recently in looking over my diaries of past years, and appreciate their value more by so doing. Busy a good part of the day with those horrid accounts.

May 26th, 1866

February 20, 2008

Rev. Dr. Haight wrote a note to a personal friend in New York, asking that I should be informed that I was to be LL. D.’d  by Columbia College at the approaching commencement. Dr. Haight’s note ran thus; “At our last meeting of the Trustees of Columbia College on the recommendation of the Committee on Honors, it was unanimously ordered that the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws be conferred on President Jackson, of Hobart College, to be announced at commencement. The nomination was previously made in a very handsome manner by President Barnard, and the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Betts, in reporting it, stated that the Committee recommended the honor not only on account of the official position of President Jackson, but also because they deemed him justly entitled to it from his character and abilities, and his successful labors in education.”

I value the manner in which the thing was done quite as much as the honor itself. It was wholly unexpected to me. I did not desire, nor even dream of such a thing.

November 4th, 1858

November 11, 2006

Birthday – Alas!