Durfee House, 639 South Main St., Geneva, New York.
Durfee house was originally built in 1790 as a land speculator’s office on the foot of Colt’s Hill on the southwest corner of Exchange and Washington streets. It is the oldest building on campus. It was moved to its present location c. 1831 and was bought by Benjamin Hale in 1844. After remodeling it, Hale sold it to the colleges in 1858. It became the President’s house until 1885. William Pit Durfee and his family lived there while he was Dean. After the Durfee family left it became the Faculty House until 1976. Currently it houses the communications office.

Durfee House, ca 1962


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  1. […] Summer term begins to-day. The Trustees of Hobart College met. Bishop DeLancey met me this morning and advised me not to be present at Morning Prayers, but at Evening Prayers, when I should be commended to the Faculty and students of the College by the Trustees publicly and with full authority. To this I readily assented. A little before five the Trustees went from the house of Dr. Hale, to the Chapel, Bishop DeLancey being with me, everyone rising at our entrance and standing until each was seated in his place — Bishop DeLancey at the right side of the altar, I at the left in the chancel, and the remainder of the Trustees in extra seats placed outside the chancel. The service was read by Dr. Metcalf. Prayers being finished, Bishop DeLancey rose and spoke in an able manner. First to the professors he introduced me as president, then to the students. On the other hand he urged upon me faithful care of these youths. He also read a short communication written by Dr. Hale (who did not venture to speak, by reason of physical infirmity), and addressed to the students, which bade them farewell in a manner full of kindness and good feeling, and also in a most friendly way commended them to me. The Bishop’s address being finished, I arose and in the Bishop’s order addressed the professors, the students, and Dr. Hale. I hope that by the grace of God it may result to the good of the College. Bishop DeLancey’s suggestions were very kindly received. All the professors were present except Prof. Hamilton and Prof Wilson! Just as if he were not in the town! for a reason unknown to me, but which I think this:– I am less welcome to him because, so they say, he himself wished to be president and did not care for me. I, however, always treat him fairly and justly. More than that I cannot do. Posted in College Life, Religious life, Board of Trustees, Campus Politics, Hobart College, Bishop Delancey, Benjamin Hale | […]

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